So, being a classic movie buff, I frequently decide that so-and-so is my favorite actress or actor.

This month?  I'm all about Barbara Stanwyck.  Stanwyck was in so many darned movies during the 1930's and 40's (she was one of Frank Capra's early muses), my favorites of which are "The Lady Eve," and "Meet John Doe" and of course "Double Indemnity."  She was knonw for being particularly gutsy, referring to herself as a tough broad from Brooklyn, she wasn't afriad to play somewaht underhanded characters.  Though impeccably glamorous (evident to the right) she was also often cast as a bit of a fallen woman: a murderess, petty criminal, unwed mother, etc.

For the purposes of this blog, however, we must talk fashion!  Stanwyck s always who I think of when I think 40's glamor.  Her clothes in "The Lady Eve" are simply fantastic.  As a wily gambler attempting to lure in poor Henry Fonder while crossing the pond, she unleashes every trick in the book.  I particularly love this architectural neckline and cinched waist.  Get me on a transatlantic voyage this instant!

And look at the shoes ... I swoon, and dream of my future life as an independently wealthy lady with trunks of glamorous things and nothing better to do than hop from ship to ship showing them off.

And knitting of course!



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