New Digs! 07/22/2009

You may have noticed that things are looking a bit different around here!  We're in the process of transitioning our website to a new, much more easy to update format.

I hope you can bear with things as they improve and grow!  I've been growing my vintage knitting magazine collection exponentially, and plan to start bringing you some of my favorite things: no, not those great patterns (though those will continue, too) but, you see, lots of vintage knitters know that some of the most interesting things about vintage magazines are the vintage advertisements and photos - the bits at the edges - The Selvedge.

Hence the new name of this blog - I can't wait to start sharing!

If you have a funny, ironic, or otherwise fascinating vintage image or ad to share, contact us!  We'd love to feature it here.

Things are awfully busy here as we prepare to begin another school year, so please keep checking back for more dilligent updates, new free patterns, and new patterns to purchase for just $2.50!



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