New Stuff! 03/20/2010
I have some new stuff to offer you!  Or, that is, stuff that I have had just waiting to offer to you, and have finally buckled down and managed to make available to you!

In our handy navigation bar you'll find a two new links:
  • Home Decor, where we currently offer a few 1930's Bedspread patterns and will soon be able to offer more.
  • eBooks, where you'll find complete PDF reproductions of vintage pattern booklets.  First up is that 1930's bedspread collection, featuring 13 beautiful patterns.
We are also piloting a new checkout system with these two pages, so please let me know what you think about them!  They are designed to make your shopping experience much smoother - you can place multiple items in your cart, checkout securely through Google Checkout, and then you'll receive an email with a secure link to download your purchases.

My stitchery hasn't been as negligible as my blogging of late, so stay-tuned for updates and (hopefully) inspirations!



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