from 'April Dress':
Like many of you, I'm sure, my love of hand crafts is not limited to the two sticks with the points.  I love needlepoint, cross stitch and embroidery (particularly stamped cross stitch and embroidery- is there anything more relaxing than having your pattern right on the work?)

And the next craft that I have a craving to conquer is dress making, but dress making entails using ... the sewing machine [dun dun dun ...]

That thing, that beast, that terror, has never, ever listened to me.  You want to sew four sides of a pillow?  You expecting it to take thirty minutes at most?  Oh-ho, says the sewing machine, I'll have you here for SIX hours wresting with knots and tangles on the underside of the fabric, constantly re-threading the bobbin and trying every tension setting under the sun until you give up and sew the stupid thing by hand, which takes you ... thirty minutes.

It sits on the floor of the coat closet, taunting me.  I wanted it so badly, begged for it as a gift, and how does it repay me?  With spite, that's how.  Spite.  So back into the closet it goes, forgotten for another year, until ...

It strikes me.  Inspiration from above, or, more accurately, from Becky Blue J.  I love vintage dresses, but the thought of knitting one by hand makes my arms ache a little.  And here is Becky, making a new dress, tailor fit, every month!  By God, my sewing machine must be revived!  Next, I stumble upon BurdaStyle, a sort of Ravelry for sewers, and ring, ring, ring go my heartstrings.

Will I be successful?  Maybe.
Will it be hilarious?  Probably.
Will my fiance be sick of me yelling at the sewing machine after a few days?  Indubitably.
Will I tell you, faithful readers, all about it?  Gladly!



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