Stitches in Time 03/23/2010
The recent loss of my grandmother gave me cause to reflect on just why I love vintage things so much.  It's too easy to be nostalgic about the past - to think that today's problems would be solved if we just didn't have televisions, or the internet, or suburbs.  If I, like my ancestors, worked and lived my life on the land.

But of course one of the first things you realize when you really dig in to the past is that there have always been problems - some worse than today's, some not - some startlingly similar to today's - but all of them painful, even desperate for those experiencing them.  

And yet, I feel there is something there - in these crafts.  That in making these stitches I am participating in a tradition and in that participation am capturing, if only for an instant, that past.

I look at these two pillows, each stitched for my grandmother - one by me, and one by my mother, with almost 30 years between.  And in spite of differences in fiber, or technique it remains: each stitched with a needle, each stitched with a thread.  

Things were never more simple than today.  Their complexities were merely different.  But this is simple - this is the same.  With a needle and a thread, we stitch as they stitched, and from the line of time knit together the fabric of memory, family, and history.



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