Turning Point 03/21/2010
I have a confession to make.
Until very recently I was a ... crocheter.

Ok, drama complete - crochet is awesome, but it was this project that convinced me that knitting was worth the trouble.  I completed this scarf for my mom a few years ago, using a leaves and vine pattern from a Vogue Stitch Dictionary.  It was a first for many things: the first time I'd done much more than knit and purl; the first time I'd adapted a stitch pattern into a garment pattern; the first time I discovered the joy of needles below a size 10; and the first time I realized what the difference was between my lovely, bright acryllic yarn from a big box store, and all those fancy pants yarns at the LYS that cost so much more. 

As you can see, this pattern deserves a yarn that will block, and block well.  And acryllic most certainly does not.  It's nothing but puckers and fuzz, which is unfortunate because the pattern is really beautiful.  If you ever find yourself tempted by the soft feel and the bright colors of that acrylic, consider your pattern carefully.  Anything with a fancy pattern, or meant to be worn by an adult would probably be better in a different fiber.  On the to do list: a repeat with a more appropriate yarn.  But, for now, it's still fun to look back on the project that converted me from one stick to two.

Now I just need to convince myself to go back to that one hook and begin a duplicate of this Aran-esque blanket that I made, also for my mother.  My soon-to-be-hubby has been casually mentioning that this blanket is one of the few things he's ever specifically requested that I make for him, and also one of the few things that I've completely avoided for .. oh .. four years or so.  Blankets are just so ... big!  I remember this every time I get frustrated with a sweater.  Just remember: it could be a blanket!



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