Quick Stitch 04/07/2010
I've mentioned before my love of the cross stitch that is stamped (aka, stamped cross stitch), and here's the proof.  Behold, my vintage quilt squares.  I am still deciding upon the colors, but I think I'm going to go with the lilac you see in three of the small flowers, green for the stems, and a lighter lilac for the large flower in the middle.
Now, I know it's hard to see, but it's a very traditional pattern: big flower in the middle.  Four stems, four little flowers in the corners.  I inherited these squares after my Grandmother passed away.  She had purchased them I don't know when, and had never taken them from their package.  When we found them, I knew that I would love to complete them for her.

I've always imagined that I would love stamped cross stitch.  After all, I love stamped embroidery, like the kind I'd done on felt Christmas stockings.  This project proves it: I am in love.

Here's how it works: I sit down, I thread a needle, and I stitch.

No paper. No book.  No neck strain (well, almost no neck strain).  No fuss. Beautiful results.  What more could a crafter ask for?  My project is coming along remarkably quickly.  I feel that each square really only takes one dedicated day of stitching.  And not the kind of dedicated day where you never put the thing down, but the kind of dedicated day where you stitch whenever you're not required to do something else.  Like eat.  Or speak to someone.  Or play with your cat who is just casually mentioning that she has found a toy mouse inside her favorite box, and that you might want to investigate.  Just to be sure.

Will my tune change once it's time to actually piece together and quilt this thing?  Let's say ... no.  It's good to keep our spirits up, right?




Thu, 08 Apr 2010 00:51:02

But putting the quilt together will involve your friend the sewing machine. Good luck!


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