Oh my goodness, has it been so long?  Here I was doing so well, then swoop! there went the last two weeks, right out from under me.  I blame many things, but particularly the end of the semester.  Grading and writing for myself - it never seems to end!  So, instead of blogging I've been stressing, and scrambling, but the end is finally in sight!  Only .. oh wait, I haven't mentioned wedding planning!  That's right, yours truly is getting hitched, and soon!
So I've also been running around town in ridiculous outfits, being good-naturedly picked on by drag queens (long story - don't ask). 

But I have at least gotten back in the knitting groove.  I am one side away from a completed cardigan, and have the itch to start something new.  But no, no, I say to myself ... finish the one before you start the other or you'll end up with pieces sitting in a bag for months.  What, me?  I would never do something so stupid.  I have big plans for the summer, but I would hate to share them with you in the event that they fall through.  This way, every thing that I accomplish will seem like I'm going above and beyond, because you all can't see how very far from the imagined horizon I have truly fallen.  Classic.


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