Preposterous 07/21/2010
Surely I haven't lost more than two months to goodness-knows-what, right after a post about my newfound freedom and all the awesomeness that was going to be added to the site?  That would be preposterous!

Preposterous indeed, and yet ... too true.  Unable to find anyone who would hire me for the summer and give me about five weeks vacation for wedding and honeymoon, I have been living the truly vintage life:  I have been a housewife.  The first two weeks were impossibly boring.  I spent the majority of my time sitting and ... you know, thinking about stuff that maybe I could do.  But then I finally got off my tuckus and started doing some of them.  

I planted a fall weather vegetable garden, and learned to hate those cute little bunnies hopping around my yard, in addition to numerous insects.  I discovered my local indoor flea market and lost numerous hours taking notes upon all the furniture my new husband and I could use, only to have him inform me that he doesn't like huge categories of furniture like "wavy edges" (a.k.a. "scalloping") and "that color" (a.k.a. "oak").  But we did finally agree that we both sincerely enjoy either classic, chic country, or early 20th-century, and managed to find several things that we could agree upon, whence commenced the great wood cleaning project of 2010.

With a visit from my mother I dove into the world of chemical varnish strippers and will hopefully soon report that I've saved a beautiful coffee table from a serious attack of shiny plastic finish.

And today we finally have all of our possessions in the new place, and I feel like I might just be able to uphold my obligations to this here website once again.  I've promised new patterns, new yarns, and new updates, and I intend to deliver!

Here's to summer!


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