photo by Tracy Triumph
I was so pleased to pop onto Ravelry and see that user TracyTriumph had uploaded photos of her completed "Simple Shrug", a pattern we offer right here at Sweater Girl Knits!

I asked Tracy to tell me a little bit about her experience knitting from the vintage pattern, and she reports that the title "Simple Shrug" is well earned.  Tracy says "It was really fun, easy and very quick to knit.  At the time I was knitting it I was selling my house, quitting my job and moving to another country.  So I needed some knitting which would soothe me and wouldn't tax my brain too much.  This project was perfect for that."  Phwew, that's what I call a committed knitter!  With back-to-school time upon us, I know many of us could use a little "soothing" right about now.

Tracy's Ravelry profile shows that she is a prolific knitter, and she confesses to being "a knitter of some experience with vintage patterns," and she found this useful when it came time to choose a yarn for the project.

photo by Tracy Triumph

The Simple Shrug is a very straightforward pattern, knit in one piece with only a couple of seams, but it claims to be "one size fits all," and doesn't include a gauge.  The vintage yarn suggested, Orlon Pompadour, was a fingering weight yarn, which would have made its stitch gauge between 7 - 8 sts / inch.

Tracy decided to use a lovely, bright Sport Weight yarn, which knit up beautifully, but she reports that she finds the shrug's fit a bit loose, and that she intends to knit it again in a fingering cotton yarn.

I think Tracy's fiber and color choices perfectly compliment the shrug's Fall and Spring short-sleeved style.  I can see Tracy wearing this over sun dresses, tank tops, and t-shirts; with jeans, or with a casual skirt.  In her accomplished hands, this vintage pattern has been turned into a stylish gem!

You can buy the Simple Shrug pattern here, and be sure to tell us if you've recently completed a Sweater Girl Knits project, we'd love to feature you as well!



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