I am looking for a number of test knitters to test vintage patterns available from my shop!

I am looking for one or two testers for each pattern. Any Women’s pattern on the site with the exception of the “Simple Shrug” and the "Lovely" dress is available for testing. Any pattern for a dress may be knit as a top/blouse only, or as a complete dress pattern, though I can only offer enough yarn for a blouse (see below).

What I Am Asking:
1.Complete the project in 2 months’ time. Longer time frames will be considered if established up front, and of course, extenuating circumstances will be respected within reason.

2. Please address any problems with the pattern (errors, confusing wording, missing information, illegibility, etc.) privately via email so that errata can be created. Please do not post any information about pattern errors to this thread, or any other public platform, including personal blogs. In other words, please give me a chance to resolve issues before broadcasting them! ;)

3. When project is complete, the project must be uploaded to Ravelry with at least 3 well-lit, flattering photos of the complete project (preferably on a human or mannequin).

  1. If the test knitter operates a blog or other website, a post about the project, once complete, would be appreciated.

What I Am Offering:
In exchange for the obligations above, I am offering:

  1. The test pattern
  2. Sweater Girl Knits recycled yarn for the project OR five additional free patterns from the website
  3. You keep the finished project
In addition, when the project is complete, including all satisfactory pictures uploaded, the test knitter will receive a $9 gift certificate to SweaterGirlKnits.com

Who I Am Looking For:

I am preferably looking for knitters who know a little something about vintage designs, and the occasional hazards of old-fashioned instructions. The most important thing is that you not be afraid of those tiny gauges - you can do it, and you will love the results!

Having said that, you do not need to be an experienced vintage knitter, and I would encourage any knitter who loves well-designed, beautiful clothes to take a look at these patterns. They are all from the “Golden Age” of the 1930’s-early 1950’s and are a real treat!

If you are interested, or have questions please Email Me: sweatergirlknit@gmail.com with a little about yourself and a link to your Ravelry profile; or PM me via Ravelry with the same. Any clarifications that would be useful to all will be updated here.

When a pattern no longer needs testers, I will post an update to this thread listing that pattern as closed.

All patterns available for sale have been verified to be in the public domain - these are vintage reproductions that are violating no current copyright laws of the U.S.



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