So, I finally got my yarn shop back up and running!  And thanks to a friend, I can use my camera properly now, so the pictures around here should be better in future.  I have had so many reclaimed yarns stashed around my home, just waiting to have the chance to set everything up again.  Now that I've got it, I think I'm on a roll!

I am offering recycled reclaimed yarn - that's right, yarn reclaimed from unloved and unwanted sweaters.  I just scored a major cashmere find at the Goodwill, so keep your eyes posted!

In addition to my recycled yarns, I'm offering custom blends.  These are made by combining itty bitty plies into a more usable format.  In the process, it just happens to give me the opportunity to make awesome color combinations.  To start, I'm offering this beautiful tweed combo of slate grey, steel blue and off-white.  These custom yarns are all brand new, unique combinations.

Check out the Yarn tab in the menu above, or head right on over to our Etsy shop!

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