So, I've been meaning to post something about my wedding for a long time, but, well, I'm just getting around to it!

I'm not one of those lovely ladies who can sport the full-out vintage look.  Try as I might, I just can't pull off victory rolls and bright red lipstick.  I don't look like a neat lady, I look like a weird lady in a costume.  So I, like most of you, I suspect, am stuck adding vintage touches to otherwise "normal" clothes.

Case in point: my wedding.
My dress was pretty classic.  I flirted with a silver, va-va-voom slinky number that was straight up Marilyn Monroe circa Gentlemen Love Blondes, but I figured that there were plenty of other times to wear something like that.  So!  White, strapless, and big, it was!

I did manage to pick a dress with one Deco touch at the bust, however (more on that later), and, not content to be too plain, I opted for vintage touches that you can see here:

I made a small feather fascinator, added a bit of russian netting, then had my amazing florist wire an orchid matching my bouquet to be pinned in my hair by my equally amazing hair and makeup artist.  Seriously, three cheers for professional hair and makeup, and for eq


You can also see in the above the earrings my mother found for me.  They're Deco-inspired moissonite and drop pearls that matched the bracelet at right along with that Deco flourish at the bust and my peony and orchid bouquet.

Finally, below you can get a better look at my bouquet, and at the incredible purse that my mother knitted using two hatpins, string and a pile of beads. 

No really, that's how you make those things.  Crazy! But worth it!

Altogther it left me feeling fun, funky, and different - without feeling like I was having a themed wedding.

For me, that's what I strive for.




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