And, since I've been having people ask me to prove that I actually have some vintage swag of my own, I'm offering yet another tip from my "How to Have Vintage Swag Without Actually Wearing Vintage Clothing" handbook.

Why would you want to do that, you ask?

1. Vintage clothes are expensive.  I'm broke.
2. I don't knit fast enough to make myself a new wardrobe.
3. Those ladies were way.. WAY smaller than I am.

So I settle for options like the below.
So the dress is from Ann Taylor, but it has a vintage-y sweetheart neckline and halter neck.  I put on my grandmother's vintage costume pearls with her vintage pearl-clasped sweater keeper, and flung that Target black cardigan over my shoulders.  With a pair of peep-toe patent leather heels, it all looked much more put together than usual (patting self on back), and offered me just enough vintage swag to avoid being yet another wedding guest in yet another boring sundress.


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