So ... how's your resolution going?  Mine is totally great!  By which I mean totally a failure.

Let's take a vote:  Raise your hand if you have far too many crafty or hobby projects you'd like to complete, and books you'd like to read, and things you'd like to write, and new skills you'd like to learn, and animals you'd like to own, and significant others you'd really like to enjoy, and yet, find yourself doing the same old thing every night instead of those other things?

My hand is most definitely raised!

After teaching and studying and researching all day, I drive home all rarin' to go on some knitting or some stitching or some something!  And what do I end up doing?  Why, watching the television and falling asleep, of course!


Get rid of your TV, you say?  But then I couldn't watch Lost, or Madmen and then where would we be?  Significantly less fabulous, that's where.  I need to just take a hint from my vintage mags and prefer projects that can be completed while watching my favorite programs.  Now if I could just learn how to harness the energy of the sun ...

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